3 Bottles 8oz ELSHA Cologne
1 8oz Bottle of ELSHA Cologne
3 Bottles 8oz ELSHA Cologne

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1 8oz Bottle of ELSHA Cologne


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In St. Petersburg the old capital of Russia originated the renowned and most popular fragrance "Russian Leather", in Cologne/Perfume and After Shave Lotion. Steeped in romance and history, this true story had its beginning during the years 1805-1820 which marked the reign of Alexander the 1st. This crafty Czar of Russia played the biggest of all tricks over Napoleon the French Emperor when he trapped Napoleon with his armies in Moscow and in the deep and immense marshes in the Polesiea region.

Nevertheless, Alexander the 1st was noted as a gallant and romantic cavalier. It so happened that during his reign the first large perfumery was established and word went out from the palace to the chemists to create a fragrance that would match the odor of the leather of the boots of the Royalty. These boots were made of special leather created from the skin of small animal named Hucht. This rare animal was found only in the constantly frozen regions of the extreme northern part of Russia where there is only three or four hours of daylight. Only members of the Royal hunting parties were allowed to hunt the animal. They made many lavish and exciting trips to the cold northern regions for this sport.

No one in Russia except Royalty could ever dream of owning such boots. The leather was not on the market. The strange fact about this silky leather was that it did not have the definate unpleasant odor of leather. Instead, it had a most pleasant and enchanting odor. The chemists went to work and succeeded in creating a fragrance that matched the delightful odor of the leather. It was then that most exquisite fragrance was crowned "Russian Leather". Since its origin approximately 150 years ago "Russian Leather" has maintained its title down through the years as the aristocrat of fragrances. Throughout Europe and the American continent it is still acclaimed for its fascinating and lingering fragrance. The original Russian Leather is now produced in the United States by ELSHA under the new name of "1776".

ELSHA Cologne